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Capital gain is an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment or real estate) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realized until the asset is sold.

A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits.

Do it conveniently through any of these options:

Deposit cash at any Co-operative Bank Branch/ agent/,or transfer funds through MCOOPCASH/RTGS/ EFT /SWIFT/Pesalink  to our collection account:

Bank: Co-operative Bank

A/C number: 01136186729201

Branch: Co-op house

Bank code: 11000

Branch code: 11002

Swift Code: KCOOKENA

Ensure your details are keyed in by the teller, agent or yourself i.e. your name, ID/passport number and your CDS account number at time of deposit or transfer

Kindly forward cash transfer confirmations for deposits through RTGS/EFT/SWIFT/Pesalink to kslpayments@co-opbank.co.ke

M-Pesa:Paybill Number400222,
 Account number: 11170#your CDS account number,


There are no maintenance fee on a CDS account held with Kingdom Securities. Commissions will be charged on each trade.

There is no minimum or maximum limit on your investment.

The Kingdom Securities research team offers daily market wraps, a weekly stock meter as well as financial reports, company analysis and sector reports, micro and macroeconomic reviews.

Once you have opened a CDS account with Kingdom Securities Ltd and provided an email address, you will be able to register and begin trading through our online share trading platform

  1. Present a duly completed and signed CDS Form 4A/4B from the transferring broker
  2. ID copy certified by the transferring broker
  3. All requirements of CDS account opening if the client does not have an account
  4. Payment of Ksh 300 as transfer fees to CDSC payable into KSL A/C
  5. CDS account statement for Discount Securities Limited (DSL) transfers

1. Duly completed and signed CDS2 form

2. Original certificates to be immobilized

3. All requirements of CDS account opening (above)

4. Immobilization fee, payable to KSL

Personal and joint accounts

  • Identification card/valid passport of each account signatory
  • Passport size colored photograph/digital passport photo of each account signatory
  • Duly filled & signed CDS1 form and KSL addendum

Diaspora – Kenyan

  • Client is introduced through the Co-op Bank diaspora banking department:
  • Certified copy of a valid Kenyan ID/Kenyan passport (Personal Detail/ Bio data page and Renewal page).
  • Recent color  passport photo
  • Duly filled & signed CDS1 form, KSL addendum and email indemnity.
  • The CDS1 form, KSL addendum form, email indemnity & all attachments  should be stamped by a diaspora banking officer

Foreign Persons in Kenya

  • Copy of a valid Passport
  • Notarized/locally certified recent color passport photo
  • Letter from the embassy (where the embassy is available in Kenya)
  • Notarized copy of entry/work permit
  • Duly filled & signed CDS1 Form and KSL addendum. This should be notarized/ locally certified. Documents can be notarized by a notary public/embassy.

Business accounts, Clubs, Society, Association, Mission, NGO, Trade Union

  •  Identification Cards / valid Passports of each signatory ( authorized officials) signing the documents
  • Signatories’ Passport size colored photograph
  • Duly filled CDS1 form and KSL addendum, signed by the signatories of the account.
  • Where the signatories are not the officials of the entity, a resolution or letter from the officials authorizing the current signatories to operate the account on behalf of the entity
  • KRA PIN Certificate of each signatory
  • Copy of registration certificate(bring original for authentication purpose)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association/ Entity’s constitution where applicable
  • Certificate of Incorporation or certificates of approved enterprise for foreign limited liabilities
  • Minutes to resolve opening of a CDS ac with Kingdom Securities Ltd where applicable e.g. for Societies
  • A directors Resolution to open the CDS account with Kingdom Securities Limited, specifying the signing mandates with which the account will be operated and naming the signatories to the account.
  • Introduction letter from relevant authority e.g. Ministry of Education, Social Services, Church HQ, Central Organization of Trade Unions, and NGO Registration Board.
  • Bank’s legal department charges for the search apply
  • The funds will be deposited to ac 01240000020568 SEARCH FEE-COMPANY SECRETARY
  • A copy of the registration certificate, the page that has the directors & a copy of bank deposit/payment slip shall be forwarded to legal department with a memo to conduct the search.
  • Clients will be allowed to trade once the search results are received and are satisfactory

Self-help groups

  • Identification Cards / Identification Report/ valid Passports of each signatory
  • Signatories’ Passport size colored photograph
  • Duly filled & signed CDS1 form and KSL addendum.
  • Copy of registration certificate-stamped by the relevant registration office
  • Group constitution
  • Minutes to resolve opening of a CDS ac with Kingdom Securities Ltd
  • A list of group members with ID numbers duly signed by members- stamped by the relevant registration office
  • Introduction letter from relevant registration authority

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